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What You Should Know about Circuit Boards?

circuit-boardA printed circuit board is created to replace the bulky wires found inside most of our electronic devices and gadgets. It is made up of thin boards with insulating materials on top where the design will be etched. It is found in most electronic appliances and gadgets we have at home. When PCBs were created miniaturized versions of gadgets and appliances were created.


The PCBs are first introduced in 1943, when Dr. Paul Eisner of Austria first created a work model of a circuit board during the world war. It has however the brain child of Charles Ducats of America who filed a patent for printed wires in 1825.

What are the functions of a Printed Circuit board?

A PCB supports electronic components by physically supporting and electrically connecting such components together without the use of bulky wires. Computers, televisions, radio components as well as communication devices all contain PCBs inside of them. Even the smallest pagers and beepers contain PCBs. PCBs can serve as motherboard ( the large circuit boards that serve to connect the Central processing Unit (CPU), the Random Access Memory (RAM), the input and output devices as well as the USB ports) or daughterboard (or expansion boards) of computers and laptops.

What are the advantages of a Printed Circuit board?

A correctly laid out printed circuit board, can minimize electrical noises. These noises when not controlled can degrade the performance of an appliance. Aside from low noise, PCBs also ensure low radiation as well as low pickup of electromagnetic waves. A low electromagnetic wave prevents cross-talk. Cross talk occurs when the signal transmitted by one circuit creates an effect that is undesirable for another circuit.

Aside from low noise and electromagnetic wave, a printed circuit board makes repairs easy. One can easily diagnose what is wrong with a device by simply looking at the board and their labels. A correctly designed and well planned printed circuit board is properly labeled, making it convenient for both diagnostic and repair.

Circuit boards are also soldered on a PCB, making it unmovable. Even the strongest of shakes and movement will not cause any distraction or worst electronic short circuit inside any electronic component.

How is Printed Circuit Boards Made?

There are several ways to create PCBs. We have acid etching, ultraviolet etching, mechanical etching and LASER etching. Let us go through each of them below:

Circuit BoardsAcid etching requires the use of acid etchant or corrosive chemical to etch the layout in a copper plate. In acid etching the design is laid out on a copper plate using an acid resistant ink (black permanent ink marker or ink jet printer works best) and then whatever is not covered is removed and eaten away by the acid.

If acid etching requires the use of a mordant to engrave the design on a copper plate, ultraviolet etching uses ultraviolet rays to do the same function. The design is created and etched using a more expensive machine. The results however are finer, more complicated circuit layouts.

The use of a machine or a routing method is what separates mechanical etching from the first two etching methods. This is considered as the most expensive means to create PCBs, since it requires buying a specific machine to do the job. Mechanical etching can produce multiple PCBs in the shortest amount of time. It can also produce multiple, identical copies of the same design with no time to spare.

Lastly, LASER etching is the most commonly used industrial method in creating PCBs. Laser beams are used to etch the circuit design on the copper plate and no human intervention is needed to do the job.


On pcbnet, there are a lot of design software available online that can assist you in creating the schematic and Printed Cirucit Board design. You can also include text and other graphic designs in your layout if you want to.

The Art of Bridging Worlds: How a Motivational Speaker Does It

If you’re reading this article then you’ve most probably heard of these household names: Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar to name some of the earlier ones and of course Timothy Ferriss and Ryan Holiday to name the more recent. What do these people all have in common? They are the very definition of a phenomenal motivational speaker and we think to ourselves they must be born with the oratorical prowess (of course not) but rarely ask if we can be like them. The answer to the latter is a resounding YES.

At motivational-speaker-success, we make it a point to uphold the highest standards in public speaking. We train consultants, professors, and those who wish to be motivational speaker. We unanimously believe that public speaking is as much an art as it is a science. We tweak everything from the subtlest expression down to the last grain of thought that makes the script. And we’re here to help you.

We know you’re interested in developing your presentation skills but for now, we are going to focus on your message first. In any case, before you can deliver a standing ovation-worthy performance, you have to learn how to make your message foolproof. So, without further ado, below are the key points you need to take note of plus some steps you can utilize to effectively improve the quality and overall impact of your message. The typical newbie motivational speaker fails to look into this.


Motivational SpeakerWhile it is necessary for an aspiring motivational speaker to research about things like target demographic, self-improvement, financial management, and habit formation, it is also important to make use of your own area of expertise to augment the experience of your audience. Not only will you be able to add depth to your message, you will also be able to articulate your points more effectively and effortlessly which will translate to confidence when you hit the stage. You automatically exude confidence when you know exactly what you’re talking about.


Once you have enough material to work with, consolidate your key discussions into three simple points. You can add more but try to keep all your key points to a maximum of seven because on average, the human brain can only hold seven pieces of information in the short term. Also, summarize long passages and try to mitigate fillers.

Furthermore, although redundancies are needed to maximize recall, too much will only serve to make your message dragging. You want a concise message with breaks ideally every ten minutes to pique the interest of your audience. A break, in this case is anything from a joke, a funny quote, or a gag reel that has something to do with your current topic.

An important note: make sure you think about what your audience is in immediate need of. No, not band-aid fixes but something they can work on or implement right away.

Motivational Speakers


Now, here comes the challenging part: it is one thing to know something in your head. To know and feel something deep in your bones is something else entirely. Your audience needs to know that you feel for them and that you ARE them. Your message has to have the ability and quality to compel people to take action.

Practice your topic with enough mastery to actually know about it enough that it is integrated to your very fiber of being. Do whatever it takes: practice in front of a mirror. Record yourself. Listen to your message over and over again and do your best to be objective about what you hear. If you think you need to drag a friend into it, by all means do so. You can also do a dry run in front of a few of your most trusted individuals who you know are objective enough to give you quality feedback. Use their feedback to make your message airtight and you’ll be alright.

Reasons to Buy Cheap Golf Clubs

We all know that golf is the sport of the affluent ones so many assume that all the golf gears are also expensive. One of the main equipment being used in golf is the golf club. It is the metal that is being used to hit the ball.

The thing about golf clubs is that that they are always not as expensive as most people think. If you just know how to find great bargains, you can also find cheap golf clubs. You might be wondering if golf is the sport of the rich why bother about the price.

Well, golf may be played mainly by the privileged ones but it does not mean that everyone who plays the sport have all the luxury to spend a fortune to buy the equipment. We have gathered a few reasons why one will opt to buy cheap golf clubs.


A person who is just trying the sport is better off borrowing a golf club or buying a cheap one. It does not make any sense for you to pay for something expensive if you are not even sure that you will use it ever have to use it again.

As a beginner player, you need to experience first the sport before you can conclude if it is really something that they will be doing on a regular basis. It might be too early for you to decide if the sport is really something that will suit your preference.
It will be a waste to buy an expensive golf club and never have to use it again.

Cheap Golf Clubs


Well technically buying cheap golf clubs is would be financially beneficial for the buyer. Why pay for a golf club at a high price if you can get it at a low price?

Regardless of the economic status, sensible people would always go for something that can give them more value. Rich people are in the status that they are in because they know how to handle their finances. They might splurge in luxuries but they also wisely monitor their expenses.

The surprising thing is, a simple task such as buying a golf club is something that they do not without thinking. The real wealthy people do not want to be taken advantage of by buying overpriced items. These people are mainly into quality and not really the price. Cheap for them would be about getting more value than what they expected.

Smart Purchase

Buy Cheap Golf ClubsBuying cheap golf clubs is probably one of the wisest decisions that you have can make in terms of making a purchase. Once you see a good deal, do not let it slip away.

Golf is an expensive sport and if you can get away paying less but getting the same value for your money then that makes you a smart shopper. If you are barely able to afford the sport but love to play the sport then you just have to be a smart buyer in terms of acquiring all the gears you need.

If you are just resourceful enough where to find and how to find great deals then golf does not have to be an expensive sport. Be smart and play smart.

Bulk Purchase

Another reason why it is wise to buy cheap golf clubs is if you are making a bulk purchase. Many seller would be willing to sell their items at a lower price if you will be buying in bulk.

If you have a few friends or if you know people who are looking to buy golf clubs, you might want to pool your orders before you make the purchase. This will give you a chance to buy the items at a discount.

Many wholesale buyers are also resellers of golf clubs. They need to be able to the golf cubs at a lower price so that they can afford to sell them a competitive price to their retail customers.

Golf club manufacturers and distributors are able to lower down their margin to wholesale buyers because they are able to get the same amount of profit from their purchase because of the number of items they have to buy. Therefore, if you are buying a number of golf clubs, do not be afraid to ask for a discount.

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How to Overcome Internet Marketing Obstacles?

The internet has a huge impact on the field of marketing. Its power lets larger businesses increase their sales big-time and also allows small businesses to target customers and do advertising in a more affordable way.

While reaching a target market is easy, the challenge for every business owner is to establish a powerful personal branding in order to stand out from the rest. With a lot of obstacles coming their way, these business owners have a hard time. This article lists down several online marketing obstacles and how to overcome them:

•In getting found

Internet Marketing ObstaclesOne of the most common problems faced by business websites is related to attracting potential customers.An incredibly-built website is nothing if no one is browsing it. That’s why, it is essential for businesses to work hard and focus on Internet visibility. This is where the value of utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest comes in.Also, consider doing some article writing and blogging at the same time because these can convert website visitors to potential customers.

•In keeping website visitors hooked

Typical netizens only need a few seconds to make a decision whether to leave or keep browsing on the website they have visited.Most of the time, they immediately leave the page and that’s why, it’s important for a website to keep them hooked by providing a good first impression. Apart from presenting an appealing and modern look, a website should offer other reasons to make visitors dig deep within its domain such as rich contents.

•In establishing credibility

A lot of fly-by-night and illegitimate businesses are found online. Unfortunately, these scammers and shady businesses make it harder for legal businesses to establish their credibility because customer trust isn’t easy to earn anymore.

The good news for legitimate businesses is that there are several ways to achieve high credibility. They can do blogging, article writing, feature testimonials, and highlight media exposures they have received.

•In quickly communicating the message

As mentioned earlier, website visitors typically leave the website immediately unless they become hooked.Quickly communicating the message plays a vital role in keeping the website visitors browsing.The content of the message should be delivered very clearly and simply.

In order to do this, businesses should effectively emphasize their expertise and experience, their affordability, the quality of service, and their customer service commitment through using videos, photos, and catchy headlines aside from text. Chances are, website visitors could be converted to customers because of their interest in reading more about the product or service.

•In establishing value

Another obstacle that online marketers face is establishing the product’s value. Since online shoppers browse for products at a more affordable price, it’s hard to position a product in the internet and justify its price. This is where the value of branding comes in. If the business branding becomes successful, customers will have an expectation that the value of its products and services are higher yet worth the money.

To do this, businesses should keep on highlighting their knowledge and expertise. Deliver fresh contents that are beneficial to customers and feature media appearances to add more credibility.

•In creating personal connection

It’s important for customers to feel valued. Handshakes and smiles won’t work in the Internet marketing world as far as closing sales is concerned. However, there are alternative ways on how to create personal connections with customers such as engaging them in forums, providing comments boxes for their feedback, and offering them discounts.

•In generating leads

After all, the main goal of Internet marketing is to get more sales or leads.That’s why, it’s always essential to offer free contents like white paper or special reports to generate leads.

Advanced SEO Writing Tips

A blogger or a copywriter must have a complete understanding of the basics of SEO writing if success is to be achieved. Basically, writing for SEO is not that different from regular writing, such as writing for your own personal blog without thinking about endorsing it or boosting its ranks. However, there is a slight difference between the two, and it’s that, one: you need to always maintain high quality in what you write, both grammatically and content-wise, and two: you need to make use of keywords which will be the words that your customers will search for in order for them to be led to your website.

SEOOnce you have mastered the basics of writing for SEO, you can now begin to understand the more advanced SEO levels. As you go along this topic, keep in mind that the term “advanced” is completely relative, which means that what someone considers as advanced, may be deemed as basic for another person.

Here are some tips you can take in order to boost your online ranking.
•Use software that is friendly to SEO.

There is much software out there on the Internet which is great when it comes to improving your online ranking. A prime example of this type of website is WordPress.

•Consistently create new content.

It is not enough that you write once or twice every now and then, at an irregular span of time. You should always write constantly since the algorithms of most search engines such as Google place frequently updated blogs higher on the list than those with just static content. The number that you should always aim for is to put new material thrice or four times every week.

•Plan what you are going to post before you post them.

In connection to maintaining high quality, you should plan first what you are going to write. Since you will be using keywords in your article, you should try to think first about how you are going to insert the keywords in your paragraphs in a way which would make them look natural and not forced.

•Use headers and subheaders.

In HTML, there is what we call as the H1, H2, and H3 tags. These things can vary depending on your style of blogging, and the topic that you are blogging about. Regardless of the variations, the point is to make use of these headers and subheaders every time in order to properly organize you content.

•Make site categories or blog post series.

One way to improve your site ranking is to categorize your blog posts, or write multiple articles concerning one unifying theme. When you do this, ensure that your website has a landing page which acts as a link to all of the pages in your website tackling that topic.

•Create great content.

This is a no-brainer already, but it is still worth mentioning. Make sure that what you write is something that people would actually want to read. This is basically one of the primary rules in SEO writing that you should not forget.

•Guest blogging.

If it is possible, you should do this a couple of times every month. Writing on someone else blog and having those blog sites link back to your blog is much more valuable than a post you create on your own website.

•Create great titles.

If the content of your articles is great, so should the titles also be. A fun and engaging title that people would want to share on their favourite social media is a great tool in boosting your rankings.

•Link to websites with high rankings.

Creating outbound links which will send people to other, more popular websites may seem like a counter-intuitive plan, but this is actually great for your page rank. Search engines such as Google will think of your website as a high-quality resource if you point out to other sites. However, when you choose a website, make sure that it is of high quality, and it is related to the post where you are going to put the link. For instance, it’s not a bright idea to put a link to Facebook on a blog post about sailboats or fishing trips.

These tips may be too much to remember at once. Therefore, in summary, all you have to remember if you want to boost your online ranking are:

•Write like a person.Your audience are human beings, so your posts should be catered to their needs. Write content that people can understand and appreciate.

•Create descriptive and interesting titles. Give your posts memorable and shareable titles.

•Link to other people. This will make you look like a valuable resource to search engines.

•Have other writers link to your website. Always be open to guest blogging for other websites, and you will surely reap rewards eventually.

4 Surefire Ways To Promote Your Videos Online and Boost SEO

Video marketing is one of the many aspects of internet marketing that you need to work on. Even if you’ve heard that search engine optimization trumps other formats, it’s important to work with all major advertising solutions to ensure that you are not just cast aside within search queries.Marketing Too often, people focus on 1 thing only, and then decry that they are not getting the hits that others are getting. To ensure that you’re getting the maximum amount of viewers with your attempts to reach out to the world, make sure that you’re diverse in your approach moving forward.

The hardest thing to work with for some is video. Videos can make or break your online presence in some niches, which is why many aren’t sure how to use them for maximum exposure and SEO. There are a lot of different paths to chase here, and 4 surefire ways you can utilize this type of framework for the future. Consider them below:

The Actual Video Uploading Process

Out of everything that you do, there are a few things that you need to adhere to when you’re uploading your video on any major site. Before you share it, make sure that you follow a few guidelines with your video so that you have the best chance of getting views. Without following a quick checklist, you may end up getting nowhere fast in terms of marketing your content or other projects with video and SEO.

  • Change the name of your video to something more optimal, the file source should have keywords.
  • Pick a good title that has more than just a few basic words, and enhance it with buzzwords
  • Fill out the description portion with the vital information you have on the video, and up to 250 words.
  • Insert your main URL for promotional consideration
  • Add keywords, just don’t over stuff them or use irrelevant words and phrases

Social Engagement

EngagementWith the above checklist, you will want to follow through on uploading your video to a variety of different pages to ensure that you’re getting a fair shake at getting views. That alone will help your SEO on a lot of levels, including an increase in the crawl rate of your page. Once you have a video updated and it has gone live, pass around the URL through social media sites that you have, and try to engage others to share it. You’ll want to be an ambassador for the upload and make sure that everyone interested in your niche hears about it. The more it’s shared the higher the rankings will go for the video, but more importantly, you backlink will get clicked on through the description.

Blogging About The Video

The next step that you need to take is in regards to blogging. If you have a blog or know others that are willing to promote your page and video, make sure that you reach out. Post it on your official site, and embed the video. Make sure that you encourage sharing through social media and other options within your blog, and do not forget to do this. Link to the video page as well, and make sure that there’s a circle of influence created through this. You want to ensure that you get backlinks from your domains, as well as any other domains that your friends and colleagues may have.

Post The Video URL In Relevant Forums

After you’ve gone through the top options, you’ll want to find forums and conversation online that talks about your niche. There you will be able to share your video with others and perhaps even link them to your main page. This is a tricky solution, as you will need to make sure that you’re not just spamming people. Take your time with this one, but make sure that it’s part of your larger promotional consideration.